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Speaking Truth To Power: SYRETTE

We have the pleasure to officially welcome to Sticky Ground the two souls behind Taro Records, Aaron Udy and Elliott Cronin, aka Syrette.

They have proven to be masters in delivering powerful and hard sounds with a unique grit and dirt that we can't help but love so much. They already delivered powerful tracks in our past VAs, along with a remix on STG013.

But now it's time to dig their work much closer with "Speaking Truth To Power" an EP sums their work up nicely and will be out on Friday, April 16th.

Three brain melters, hammering hard in their own unique way, pushing distortions to the limit (if there's even such thing really) while skilfully holding the reins of the groove. Blasting any of these on the dance-floor will hit hard. Very hard.

For remix duties, we will need to cross St. George's Channel and then step on Irish soil to find two familiar faces, both on their second Sticky Ground remix.

First, we have Another Alias with one of his incredible lock-you-to-the-dancefloor works, converting all the energy available in a pure, untamed groove.

And well, last but surely not least, Leafeater, an artist that has proven to be way beyond open-minded with quality productions wherever he decides to hang on to while being incredibly good in keeping his signature throughout his works. In this remix, we can only warn you, as it will be intense. Enjoy :)


Adrian Rennie, BRAIS, Chris Dormer [BSE Music], Clarkee [Area 51], D.A.V.E The Drummer, DJ Ze Mig L, Dave Tarrida, David Graham, Dax J, Daz Furey [Forte], Drop-E, Elliot Cronin, Francois X, Georg Bigalke, Gigi Galli, Ian Void, Ike Dusk, Jon Hussey, Josh Moseley [Chicago Jaxxx], Kenny Campbell, Kerstin Eden [Electric Eden], Ket Robinson, Kris Goad, L.A.W, Lieve Daems, Louk / Hidden Identity, Mab, Mark Neenan, Millhouse, Modular Phaze, OCD, Quartz Locker, Raymundo Rodriguez [Jaded / London Techno], Sari Postol, Steelgrooves, Steve Shaden, Thanos Hana, Upperberry, Wayne DJC [Beyond Control], Zuni [Tribal Waves], b.mod

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