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"Every Human Is An Enemy"by E.L.I.A.S is out today on Sticky Ground [STG022]

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

We are hereby thrilled to present you “Every Human Is An Enemy” by E.L.I.A.S, a young Italian producer who made his way into the scene with great sounds and providing several huge tracks both on his own and with his Distorted Planet duo project. He also recently provided a hammering remix on Kaylah's STG020 tape, the one he's holding in the badass picture below.


E.L.I.A.S has a very effective and open-minded approach in techno, giving space and dynamic to his tracks, as well as power and hard, pounding rhythm. The four originals are diverse, telling different stories while being connected by a thin but strong line.


STG022 - Artwork by Zeno (IG @zeno_colangelo)


On remix duty, we have two very special guests that need not much of an introduction. Ectoplasm, back on SG hammering his take with dark ambiances and hard-hitting drums. And at last, Keepsakes, who needs even fewer introductions, providing a class-A raw take while skilfully playing with drums and groove.


Enjoy these sounds and make sure to support us <3

Early support by:

14anger, Adrian Rennie, Anderson Noise 2, Aneed, BRAIS, Brian F, CTSD, DJ K.N (Mass United), Daryl Ux, Dave Tarrida, David Asko, David Graham, Daz Furey [Forte], Devil Girl, Don Woezik [Substantiv], Drept Social, Duellist, Electric Rescue, Elliot Cronin, Erik Pijl [Transport Rotterdam], Georg Bigalke, Ghost In The Machine, Gigi Galli, Hidden Reflection, Ike Dusk, Indica Sound System, Johan @ DI.FM, Kenny Campbell, Kerstin Eden [Electric Eden], Kozlov, Kuetzal, L.A.W, Leafeater, Lieve Daems, Louk / Hidden Identity, Luca Agnelli, Manni Dee, Mark Darby [Mighty Force / Alpha Radio], Mark Greene, Mat [The Zone], Miles [Loose Lips], Modular Phaze, Nomad [RIOT], OBCDN [Kablys Club], OCD, Patrick DSP, Philipp Strobel, Quartz Locker, Raimond Ford [DJ Lukas], Raymundo Rodriguez [Jaded / London Techno], Ryan Dallas [DSNT], Sari Postol, Seb [Duo Alias], TKNZ, Tanith, Thanos Hana, The Obsessed, Tom Kaylah, Upperberry, Verschwender, Zuni [Tribal Waves]

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