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Sticky Leaks Vol .3

The time for a new bag of Leaks has come! The box is bigger than is ever been so far, with 26 tracks enclosed in a double tape rave case box set as tradition requires. In here you will find a large variety of tracks, going from straight techno tools, raw cuts, electro trips, old school sounds, heavy & chill, straight & break beats, some good clean and loots of dirt. In a word, don’t expect. Just listen.

Featuring: Alessandro Nero, b.mod, Casper Hastings, Deep Dimention, Detention, Distorted Planet, Duellist & Kenny Campbell, E.L.I.A.S.,Ectoplasm & Hedra, Good Room, Kaylah, Klankman, Kuetzal, Leafeater, Mickey Nox, MOTH, no.name, Ozone, Sancta Sanctorum, Syrette, Thanos Hana, The Fifth Stigma, The Spy, Theo Nasa, Undying Minds, Vincenzo Pizzi

Artwork by NOVA
Mastering by Kuetzal